FIBC Electrostatic Hazards Labeling

FIBC Electrostatic Hazards Labeling
October 14, 2017

FIBC Electrostatic Hazards Labeling

Bulk Distributor Magazine published an interview with FIBCA Executive Director, Lewis Anderson.   Questions addressed in the interview include:

  • What are the aims and objectives of your organization?
  • Has the role and usage of FIBCs changed significantly in the past decade?
  • Can you provide a little history about the FIBC?
  • What interesting developments can you tell us about?
  • What benefits are there of using FIBCs over similar methods?
  • How competitive is the FIBC market for manufacturers?
  • In your opinion, how do companies stand out and maintain competitiveness?
  • Shipping dangerous goods obviously has many differences. To what degree is the safety of materials shipments co-ordinated at an international level?
  • What effect are the rises in energy and raw material prices having on the industry?
  • Reconditioning of FIBCs is obviously a sustainable option, what are the pros and cons?
  • What do you and your organization hope to achieve in, say, the next 5 years?

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