FIBC Bulk bags are the most prevalent and sought after type of mass packaging today. However, there are many questions about them among individuals who are yet to use the advantage of these packs. BPPSL conveys to you a rundown of a couple of FAQs in regards to FIBCs that means to understand a portion of the questions and familiarize you with the benefits of utilizing FIBCs over other customary types of packaging.

What precisely is a FIBC ?

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, famously known as FIBCs are bulk bags that are made to convey mass fluids and products. These bags are produced using 100% virgin polypropylene and are generally used to store or transport dry items. At BPPSL, our sacks can be customized relying upon the client’s needs yet they are not waterproof.

What is the capacity of an FIBC bag ?

FIBC bags (otherwise called Big bags, Jumbo bags or totes) fabricated by BPPSL hold anyplace between 700 to 2000 KG of different items. They are for the most part set on pallets with the assistance of forklifts by utilizing the connected corner lift loops.

Do FIBCs have liners?

Indeed, at BPPSL, our bags do accompany liners and the most widely recognized ones are form fit liners and tube liners. These liners can be appended to the pack or are likewise embedded freely.

What is UN certification ?

For UN affirmation, FIBCs are put through an arrangement of strenuous tests, for example, drop test, tear test. This accreditation is substantial for one year. At BPPSL, we hold confirmations by different licensed specialists.

Are FIBC bags recyclable?

Since FIBC bags fabricated by BPPSL are produced using woven polypropylene, these bags are absolutely recyclable. New packs are made from 100% virgin polypropylene.

Would you be able to print on your FIBC ?

At BPPSL, Jumbo bags can be printed despite the fact that the cost shifts relying on what number of sides you require printed and the quantity of hues.

Could FIBCs be used more than one time ?

If you purchase a bag from BPPSL that comes with a 6:1 SF, you can utilize the FIBC more than once. Although some users do use a 5:1 SF FIBC more than once, it is not advisable to do so as the loops can break down or fabric may wear out.

Would i be able to attach my documents to the bag ?

Truly you can as there are document pouches accessible in bags fabricated by BPPSL wherein you can attach your documents. The pockets are sewn to the packs according to the inclination of the client. By and large, the pouch has a standard or zip bolt opening while the extent of the pocket is 10″x12″.

What data do I have to begin utilizing FIBCs ?

Before you submit your request for BPPSL you should think about the style of the bag you need to utilize, its measurements, fabric weight, desired safety ratio, the amount of times the FIBC will be used, type of top and bottom openings and the kind of weight that will be put away clinched.

What is UV treatment in FIBC bags ?

Amid the extrusion procedure at BPPSL, an added substance is added to the resin which shields the bulk bag from UV beams known as UV treatment.

With a base amount necessity, you can even get other texture hues other than white. BPPSL is a noticeable FIBC manufacturer and exporter in Bangladesh that offer FIBCs in different sorts and structures. You can even demand for customization of FIBCs according to your prerequisite.